Meet our team:

Elaine Currie – Director 

Having spent over 14 years gaining extensive experience in finance, business and accounting FutureScape Director Elaine Currie followed her passion and returned to college where she earned a BA in Applied Social Studies and Professional Social Care, in addition to this Elaine has qualifications in Special Needs Education and Psychology. Elaine was recruited straight from college as a professional social care worker within the private sector where her leadership qualities were quickly recognised and she was promoted to the role of manager in 2015. Elaine has always demonstrated a practised ability in building therapeutic alliances with vulnerable young people, which has stood to her as she has developed her interest in supporting young people as they navigated entering  into Aftercare Services.  Over the last 5 years Elaine has excelled in her field, managing 12 Aftercare services for particularly vulnerable young people which the majority had been in special care in Ireland and the UK. During this time she developed her capacity for inter-agency co-operation working  with international and nationally accredited partnerships training in multiple additional fields to support her growing capacity.  Having liaised with the Anna Freud Centre Elaine trained in AMBIT as well as CASIi (Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument) in addition to keeping herself abreast of evidence based research in the fields of attachment and trauma informed care.  Elaine is now bringing together her business acumen with her passion for social care as she sets about developing and delivering quality social care interventions that respond to  the needs of the individual. Elaine recognised the importance of developing and working to maintain a positive working culture that ensures FutureScape not only provides quality social care interventions but does so through the provision of a positive workplace.  Over the years Elaine’s, detail orientated and hard working nature has made her not only a diligent implementer and overseer of services but has endeared her to her colleagues and set the tone of a learning and supportive environment conducive to meeting the needs of service users while recognising the needs of the  teams of professionals she has encountered and managed.

Jane Currie – Director 

Jane Currie is also a Director in FutureScape bringing with her a breath of different managerial experiences that supports the company in its set up and development.  This is not not Jane’s first experience of setting up an innovative new company!  Jane initially trained as an Architect and may be better know in her role as founder and Director of Dublin Institute of Design.  She is an experienced educator having lectured extensively in her field for over 20 years.  Jane brings this understanding of human learning and capacity building to her role as FutureScape Director however it is probably her experience gained over the last 16 years in the Irish criminal justice system that may be of significant support to the development of services in FutureScape going forward.  Jane’s  has engaged in extensive training within the criminal justice system  and has a proven track record of implementing community based initiatives to support vulnerable communities when  challenging circumstances have brought them into contact with the criminal system.  Jane is an energetic proponent of restorative justice, working tirelessly to support personal responsibility and efficacy in the community.

Tara Gaffney – Residential Services Manager

Tara Gaffney is our Residential Services Manager.  She has over 20 years experience in residential services having commenced her career supporting people  with varying physical and cognitive abilities before working her way through state provided Children’s Residential Services as Social Care Worker, Social Care Leader and Deputy Manager in a variety of therapeutic, mainstream, high support and special care services.  Tara has a passion for supporting vulnerable young people who have had a poor relationship to help.  During her time as key worker and subsequently case manager she has developed a sterling reputation as a child centred professional with a talent for inter-agency engagement and co-operation.  Tara continues to have responsibility for overseeing and supporting teams in the development and delivery of bespoke residential interventions designed to meet the needs of our countries most vulnerable young people.  Having initially completed a BA in Applied Social Studies in Social Care (Hons) as well as a Higher Diploma in Disability Studies Tara is proud to have also completed and actively takes learning from a Certificate in Quality Innovation and leadership that she completed with  HIQA in December 2015.  Tara is an accredited Associate Therapeutic Crisis Intervention instructor with many years experience both delivering, teaching and overseeing TCI in both High Support and Special Care settings. Tara is a great proponent of  life long learning and is currently working towards a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy with the Gestalt Institute of Ireland.  This ever increasing influence of Gestalt informed practice is evident in her work as she draws on her breath of  experience to supervises our staff team and oversee practice development in our residential services.

Our staff team is supported through induction, supervision and in-house training to engage and successfully support each young person both restoratively and developmentally. Our social care workers recognise and work daily to support our young people in developing self-care and independent living skills while helping them to develop the capacity and opportunity to live an independent life in the community.

Futurescape’s staff team are the instruments of our attuned services. They are supported in its delivery through ongoing; induction, training and a developmental style of professional supervision that is in keeping with the ideology of the service while embracing the individuality of the staff member.  Futurescape provides attuned support to its staff team, actively working to create and maintain an organisational culture that supports an attuned service.  Futurescape recognises the staff team as the building blocks for service delivery by fostering staff development through daily support and ongoing training.  Futurescape staff team is an integral part of the service with all grades of staff actively encouraged and supported to be involved in all aspects of the company planning, reviewing and development.  This is achieved through internal working groups wherein all staff have equal opportunity for involvement and are supported in their development by attuned managers throughout the company.