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Single Occupancy Residential Services

Futurescape’s approach is about recognising and engaging with the individual needs of each young person our services have  been designed to meet each young people ‘where they are at’.  Each bespoke intervention is built upon a person centered and holistic approach that is both trauma informed and Gestalt influenced. Our team of professional social care workers draw upon the key points of attachment theory as they are supported to develop and utilise therapeutic relationships that are attuned to the needs of each young person.   The goal of our interventions as delivered through these therapeutic relationships are to provide each young person with the stability and safety they need to identify and work towards their own future.

Our Services

The service can be delivered in a range of settings including family, community outreach, aftercare or single occupancy residential care.

Services provided include the following with or without accommodation:

  • Comprehensive Aftercare programmes with accommodation for young people leaving care
  • Community orientated transition programmes for young people with/without disabilities who require alternatives to long term institutional care.
  • Intervention programmes for young people requiring customised support in order to reside either at home with their family or in mainstream care.
  • Family support to parents of children with complex needs of their own or of their children.
  • Single occupancy, registered residential placements for young people 16 years plus